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My Shed Plans Elite By Ryan HendersonShed Plans - My Shed Plans Elite Review - Is Building A Shed Possible?

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So, here is a typical scenario. You need a new shed and you are faced with a number of choices. You can:

A/ Shell out big bucks and buy a ready made one.
B/ Shell out a little less and get a kit (But still have to construct it) OR...
C/ Build your own shed

Being honest there are advantages to A and C (though seldom B) and in this review I will talk honestly about which might be right for you.

My Shed Plans Elite is for those those folk who go for option C. But even at this early stage a flicker of doubt may be crossing your mind that C/ Build Your Own Shed is even a viable option for you. You may like woodwork, but you are no Chippendale, and perhaps you are slightly concerned that building a shed would be beyond you. So can My Shed Plans help you?

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I come onto that reasoning first because it is one that crosses many mens minds who consider building their own shed. They tend to voice it silently to themselves, and when they discuss the matter with friends they often end up with buying an expensive ready made shed, or else getting a kit because it is a little more within their comfort zone, and they just feel like it is somehow more 'do-able'.

In reality there are a lot of fallacies to this. And whilst buying a ready made shed can be an option you should consider, buying a kit type shed really shouldn't be.

"How come? Doesn't a kit shed cost less then a ready made shed?"
You might ask. Indeed it does, however there are a couple of factors that you might not have taken into account.

Ready Built Sheds are EXTREMELY expensive. Kit Sheds are cheaper, no doubt, but there generally have been sacrifices made in the type of construction materials used in order to squeeze it down into a cheaper price.

After all, why do you think kit sheds are cheaper? Its quite obvious when you think about it. They use cheaper materials and hence are not as good as the ready made versions.

PLUS, you STILL have to erect them yourself. So not only do you get a worse product, but you STILL have to spend time actually trying to get the thing to look like a shed.

Plus, you still have to have all the tools to get it up. And where is the satisfaction in putting up a 'Kit Shed'? That's like putting together some IKEA furniture. Ok, you get there in the end and have a certain feeling of relief once its all over and you can plonk your cup of coffee down on your new coffee table (assuming you put it together right and the thing doesn't collapse :-)), but 'satisfaction'? Not really.

Let's compare that to buying a ready made shed. Well, it does have elements of satisfaction about it, if only because it demonstrates you are obviously rich to be able to afford the exhorbitant cost of ready made sheds. And it is sometimes nice to just pay someone and have the object of your desire appear.

So, there is definitely a place for ready made sheds. If you are rich, then go for it, or if you are very short on time then they can also be a good option. (Though putting together a shed on your own actually takes MUCH less time then you might think. I discuss that later)

However, for the rest of us who are not rich, but would like a good quality shed, then what can we do?

This is where Shed Plans fit in. So, what exactly are Shed Plans? And do you need to be a rocket scientist in order to build your own shed?
Check Out My Shed Plans Elite HERE >>
Lets take those questions in turn.

Shed Plans are step by step instructions for building your own shed. If you find good ones then they literally lead you by the hand, step by step until you end up with a new shed. You absolutely DO NOT need to be a rocket scientist or master craftsman to do this. You simply need to be a little motivated to actually see the project through.

What's more, there are four things you will discover when you get going on a project like this:

1/ It's FUN!!

This is not like assembling IKEA flat pack furniture. This is a creative endeavour where you have an active participation in the process every step of the way, and can really feel like you are creating something (which you are).

2/ It's EASY!!

The good news though is that this creativity does not come at the expense of your sanity. If you get good Shed Plans then you know what you have to do next, so you can relax, calm in that knowledge. But by the same token you are able to decide:

- Which types of wood to use

Want to use an exotic type of wood? No problem.
Want a certain color? No problem.
Want those CRAZY handles for the door? No Problem.

- How Quickly To Do It

Need it quick? No problem.
Need a certain type of shelf in the corner? No problem.

You are in control. You are not in the hands of some shop wondering whether the panel of your new shelf will be smashed before the delivery.

3/ You are leaving a Legacy

Think just for a second if you had a rocking chair in your house that was made by your dad or grandad. Would that be cool? Would you EVER sell it? Or would you sit in it with pride and tell folk who visited, "My dad made that."

The same is true for YOUR shed. You will have invested your time, energy and creativity into something, and it will be around for a long time to come. Who knows. In fifty years your kids could be saying to their grandkids, "Your granddad made that".

Isn't that cooler and more significant then getting some baseball capped dude from a local warehouse to deliver a ready made one (that makes your wallet hurt and isn't exactly what you want anyway)?


Check Out My Shed Plans Elite HERE >>

4/ MUCH more Choice

If you build it yourself then the skys the limit. You can literally do anything you like. You just need easy, step by step plans to follow. And there are actaully many more designs and step by step plans for building a shed for the self shed builder then there ever are for people buying off the shelf ready-made sheds.

In reality if you pop down to your local "shed supplier" (if you can find one). Then how many designs would they offer?

Probably less than 10. If the place is an enormous warehouse then maybe 30.

If you build it yourself there are literally over 10,000 shed designs that you have access to. That is a massive difference and a big advantage of building your own shed.

"Ok great But where do I get the "good" shed plans?"

You might be thinking. And that is a very reasonable question.

Thankfully there is a an easy way. My Shed Plans offer a package of great shed plans that has over 12,000 different designs that you can choose your shed from. And these are designed to be step by step simple.

This is a huge collection that will last you your entire life! You can take it with you if you move home, and it also has a massive amount of other woodworking projects for those 'quiet times' in between building sheds :-)

So, what do you get in My Shed Plans?my shed plans review

1/ Fully detailed color illustrations

No guesswork or 1970s designs. The good stuff that you can actually SEE.

2/ Section Drawings and Eave Details

Nitty gritty details that make it a breeze to see exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. The step by Steps you need to make it happen.

3/ A COMPLETE Woodworking Course

So even if you are a beginner with woodwork and have never built a shed before you are guided in intricate detail. You are shown ALL the techniques you can use in My Shed Plans. And in practice, even the experienced woodworker is likely to pick up some tips and tricks from this.

But, you may be thinking,

"Do I have the time to do this?"

The truth is...ABSOLUTELY! YES!

Check out this video here. It shows how using the (10 x 12) Outdoor Shed Plan from these guys 2 guys built the whole shed in just 33 minutes.

"Yep. But these guys know what they are doing!"

You may be thinking. True. But let's say you take your time and it takes you a day. Not 33 minutes. But a whole day.

Would that be so bad?

Think how much money you could save over buying a ready built shed.

Take Lewis for example. He saved $751.

"I saved $751 by building my first shed with Shed Plans... I bought my own materials as listed and spent $751 lesser than what I would expect to pay from a ready-made 12x16 shed." - Lewis Patterson, Chantily, VA

Check Out My Shed Plans Elite HERE >>

And he's not alone. Here are what some other guys made of it:

"I've learnt the correct way to insulate and waterproof my shed. The step by step techniques to weatherproof my shed alone is worth the entire price" - Cheers Ryan, you're a lifesaver!" - Richard Pfeiffer, Greenup, KY
"If you're love doing woodworking projects, don't crawl. Run to get this now. Over the years, I've bought many books and blueprints. This is, hands down the best and the most feature-rich of all of them. Thank you for creating this amazing product." - Douglas Beck, Concord, NH
"I think this is the best investment I've made in a long time. I have started calculating how much I could actually save if I'd bought this before I started on my 10x12 garden shed." - Linden Coleman, Winston-Salem, NC
"Liked the overall package and systematic step by step approach. Been looking for something like this for a while. I really like the quality of the designs and layouts; especially the gambrel roof shed plans" - Paul Roberts, Atlanta, GA
"This resource puts everything in one place, with many extras you wouldn't even think of before and am very impressed with the value so far!" - Michael Griffin, Louisville, Kentucky

Overall, there are a lot of things to like about this. It is well structured, well laid out, offers good choice and is good value (you will be surprised at the cost).

This isn't for everybody though.

If the thought of picking up 'tools' brings you out in a cold sweat, then leave this alone. But for guys who like working with their hands, want more choice, like the idea of leaving a legacy and enjoy the thrill of creating something, then my shed plans is worth a look.

Check Out My Shed Plans HERE >>


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December 7, 2010, 5:11 pm
Rating: Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5
This is a really great product. I wasn't sure whether or not to get this, because I am not an expert woodworker. Just keen. But I was pleasantly surprised. All the shed plans are laid out logically and its easy to follow. It would have taken me a lot of time to figure out how to go about building a shed without these shed plans. Steve Daniels - Seattle, Washington State
January 24, 2011, 7:41 am
Rating: Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5
Worth it. Did exactly what it said on the tin. Nice garden shed up in a weekend.
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