How To Evaluate Garage Plans For Your Home

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How To Evaluate Garage Plans For Your Home

Garage plans can really help you to construct your own garage. There are many things to consider when evaluating the right garage plans for your home. The place to start is space. You need a plan that offers a space larger than the vehicle, or vehicles you are going to park inside. It needs to be large enough for all of your storage needs, including off road vehicles, seasonal items, and your mower and outdoor needs. There should be plenty of space, and it should also offer options for a loft area, room for a shop if you are a wood worker hobbyist, or for your tools when working on cars.

Garage Plans

Then you have to consider the time you spend in your garage. It needs to have ample lighting, whether connected to your power grid, or using solar or wind turbine alternatives. You also have to think about heating, so you need plans that include options for finished and insulated interiors. It should also give you ideas about the foundation, because without a solid foundation, you are going to have problems later down the line. Good garage plans will include the type of foundation that is going to work the best for a garage plan, as well as the finish. Some people purchase a mat floor covering, which is good for keeping oil, and other solvents from contaminating the concrete surface.

When evaluating garage plans or shed plans, make sure that any one you choose comes complete with everything you need to construct a proper garage. This means all the wood and metal materials that are required to complete the project, the hardware, as well as what you are going to need for doors and windows. It should also allow you to modify these plans to fit your needs. For example, while you want a large two car garage, you only have one vehicle, and are going to use the rest of the space for a shop. In this case, you only need one large garage door, and another smaller regular door. It should also allow you to put in more windows, and change around the lights and outlets to suit your needs.

Garage Plans - Conclusion

A good garage plan will also include a list of all the tools you will need, including any large equipment that you may have to rent to excavate the land and prep it for the concrete foundation. It should also include as many helpful tips and information as possible, to make your job easier. Another example is with the concrete slab. If you can put in bolts along the edges of the slab, and where your interior walls are going to be, this will allow you to secure the walls to the floor much more securely. These bolts should stick up from the surface of the slab at least six inches, so there is plenty of length for washers and nuts. You should also plan out where you are going to put your drain line, and install this as you pour the concrete, with PVC pipe thick enough to withstand the weight of the slab.

Take your time when evaluating the right garage plans, to make sure that it covers all of these things, and whatever else you are planning for your garage. This may include installing an automatic door opener, ventilation fans, and whatever else you can think of.

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