Outdoor Playhouse Plans Insider Tips And Tricks

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Outdoor Playhouse Plans Insider Tips And Tricks

There are literally hundreds of different outdoor playhouse designs and outdoor playhouse plans available online. There are different kinds of forts for both boys and girls, castles, old time frontier cabins, and even tree house plans. Playhouses can be a wonderful and creative way for your child to use their imagination, and a good playhouse is large enough to grow with your kids. Here are just a few of the tips and tricks to building the perfect play area for kids of almost all ages.


The Perfect Outdoor Playhouse Plans

The first place to really start is with your kids. With so many different outdoor playhouse plans and designs to choose from, it is a good idea to get your children involved with picking a style they will enjoy for a long time. What you should do is take a look yourself first, to make sure that the plans fit within your budget. You can mark these websites, and later sit down as a family and find one that will work the best for them. You should also make sure that it is a plan that you can recreate, since it will be disappointing for them if you are not able to build it.

While you are searching around, make sure that you use sites that supply complete plans or kits. A building plan should include everything you need to build the playhouse, lists of materials needed, including hardware, and any accessories like slides, doors, windows, and even tips on optional accessories like rope ladders, or cargo nets, depending on the playhouse that is chosen. These shed plans should also include complete drawings and step-by-step instructions, as well as a complete list of all the tools you will need to create it.

While it may not say this, always use heat treated wood. Make sure that if you are using nails or bolts and screws to fasten it together, that you recess the ends, or cover them so that they won't snag on your childrens clothing. Make sure you seal all the surfaces with non toxic paint or sealant, so the finishes will stay in top shape for a long time. Before you let them play in or on it, go over everything so check for rough spots, and sharp edges, and sand all of these to a smooth finish.

Some other tips to know are that you really need to make sure there is adequate ventilation, whether from vents towards the ceilings, or windows that can completely open. If you are putting in windows, use clear plastic, or Plexiglass rather than real window panes, even if your children are older. If you happen to be building a tree house, make sure there are sturdy barriers so your kids won't fall out and injure themselves.

One more insider tip, get your kids involved with this project whenever possible. If they are helping you, then they aren't pestering you about how long it will be until you're finished. Have them hold things while you are fastening them together, allow them to put on some paint or sealant if they are old enough, and let them help you as much as is age appropriate. Talk with them about safe playing as you are building their playhouse, especially if it is above the ground.

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