Lean To Shed Plans Learn What Is Involved In Building A Lean To Shed

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Lean To Shed Plans - Learn What Is Involved In Building A Lean To Shed

Lean to shed plans can give you a different option if you need a shed, but don't have lots of space. If you have decided that you need some extra storage space, but a full out shed is going to be too big for your needs. There are many different lean to shed designs out there, but you need to know that building a lean to shed can be just as involved as any regular one. While you may not need as many materials, or have to worry about a permanent foundation, there are still things you need to know, and you will need a set of lean to shed plans.

Lean To Shed Plans

A lean to shed needs some basic things, even if it is going to be up against your garage, or home. A shed should never sit directly on the ground, so you will need some kind of skid plate to start with. This can be made from pressure treated 2x4s with the floor joists across them. Even if your lean to shed has some protection against an existing building, you still need all of your wood building materials to be of pressure treated lumber. You are also going to need to have the roof at an angle to shed water, with a covering that is going to prevent leakage. Even if you aren't planning to finish the interior walls, your lean to shed needs to have a proper floor, using at least 3/8-1/2 inch plywood. So make sure that your lean to shed plan has these elements.

The first steps in building a lean to shed is location. If you decide to put it up against your garage or home, make sure that it is in a place where water running off the roof isn't going to be constantly falling on the shed. Then you have to clear the ground where you want to build, making as smooth and level surface as you can. You also need to consider if you are going to have light inside the unit. You can wire lights in yourself and have them connected to your power grid, and there is solar panel lighting as well. If you decide that you want to use solar power, then you need to position the shed in a location where it will get the most sun exposure, a southern facing wall is a good idea. So factor all those elements back into your lean to shed plans.

A lean to shed requires planning. If you have some ideas in mind already, you need to sit down and put your ideas on paper, taking care to write down the dimensions, so you have an idea of the amount of materials that are going to be needed for the job and the shed plan you choose should be able to help with this. The more detailed the drawing, the better. You have to consider vertical beams, floors and ceilings, where the studs are going to be, as well as what kind of wood you are going to use. 2X4s are most commonly used for most of the construction, but this is really a matter of choice. Some use shingle roofing materials, others use basic corrugated aluminum sheeting. One idea is to use clear or translucent fiberglass, which will allow ample light during the day.

Lean To Shed Plans - Final Thoughts

This is just some of the things involved with building a lean to shed. To make it much easier in the long run, it is a good idea to go online and purchase a lean to shed plan that incoroporates these elements. A good shed plan will have a variety of different styles to choose from. It should include detailed drawings or software you can download, and detailed materials listings of what is needed for each design. It should also include step-by-step instructions, and a help line in case you get stuck somewhere along the process. With all those elements in place a good lean to shed plan can be of great assistance in your build.

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