Simple Barn Plans That Work How To Choose A Design

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Simple Barn Plans That Work How To Choose A Design

There are many different designs when it comes to building barns with barn plans. Some of these are large and so elaborate that you could actually use them to live in. There are also designs so simple that they are just larger versions of pole sheds, with walls and a door. The real start to finding barn plans that work and that are simple, is connected with what your personal needs are, and your skill level. Then you want a style that blends in with your other buildings, or is a welcome contrast, without being too flashy.

Barn Plans

You need to really think about what your barn is going to be used for, as well as the right size. There are many sizes to choose from, simple 8'x10'-12' styles are ideal for your garden, to large horse and cattle barns. You will have ample space for your lawn tractor, with the right door, as well as all the accessories. It can have an open beam ceiling, or a loft area for storing seasonal items. Then you also have to think about doors, window, and lighting. There are other things to consider as well, like if you want to be able to have running water in your barn, which will require some kind of basic plumbing. So there are many things to consider when you look over your barn plans.

Some of the other things you need to think about is interior finish. Do you want to have a rough interior, with the studs and outer wall panels showing? Finishing the interior takes time and extra materials. There is sheet rock, or other interior paneling, as well as a variety of different types of insulation. If you are adding electricity, then you may want to think about solar or wind generating power systems in your barn plans, with battery back up. This way, there is no need to bother with trying to hook into your existing home wiring, and you can have lights whenever you want.

Another consideration for barn shed plans is whether to have it on a permanent foundation or not. There are many barn plans that have the base on 4'x6' skids, and are placed some some kind of gravel surface. This has its advantages. For one, these are much easier to deal with, and since they aren't 'permanent,' you may not need a building permit to construct them. These types of barns can still have a good floor, and being on gravel allows for better drainage, in case you live in an area where there is a lot of rain.

Barn Plans Conclusion

Choosing the right simple barn plans that work also depends a lot on your individual skill level. Many websites create just plans for you, you still have to buy all the materials, hardware, and accessories, like windows, doors and electrical wiring. You have to measure everything, cut it all and put everything together. Even with the best instructions and diagrams, some of these should only be started by the most experienced wood worker.

There are however other websites that sell complete kits, and these kits can help you out greatly. They supply all the needed materials and hardware to make a simple barn, and some of these are already prefabricated pieces. You will still have to put it all together, and may still have to supply the finishing touches, but these kits can save you a lot of time and effort. Either way, if you choose the right barn plans then you will already be well ahead of most people.

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